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Dr Tim Denton, former Chair, Kardinia Health & Western Victoria Primary Health Network

How to lead positive outcomes for the key areas of focus for Clinical Governance

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In 2017 Safer Care Victoria and the Australian Safety and Quality Commission created new Clinical Governance Frameworks. Dr Sue Matthews shares her tips on how to lead positive outcomes for the key areas of focus for Clinical Governance.

“As a leader in an organisation you have to role model what you expect from others, not just by doing the right thing but by asking the right questions and then feeding back”.

rupting the official board meeting. .

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Using board in camera sessions for good

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How do board in camera sessions help induct new directors?

Scheduling regular in camera board sessions are an important principle of good governance, particularly in the current environment where Governance Evaluator are witnessing a growing number of new directors on the boards we are working with. These sessions are great for new directors to find their voice without fear of disrupting the official board meeting.

rupting the official board meeting. .

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Do your end users really trust you?

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Consumers in the NFP and health sectors are being empowered to choose their services from the providers they trust. If these consumers are not satisfied with the service they receive – or reportage of the service they intend to use – they will simply shop around for another provider. Worse still, if they do not experience safe and quality services, they may be harmed. In this new environment boards need to realise that their first priority, and that of their organisations, is to respond to their consumers’ requirements and work hard to build their consumers’ trust.


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