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Driving governance and service quality in the water sector

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Strong governance is essential for organisations across all sectors. For water boards, strong governance ensures consistent, quality service outcomes for communities. It also drives the most effective and efficient use of customer funds.

It enables water industry boards to meet the legislated requirements of their jurisdiction. And most importantly, it supports them to continually improve to be the best they can.
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Sector expert engagement drives strong clinical governance

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Governance Evaluator has established itself as a highly effective platform for strong governance in the health sector. This is enabled by our ongoing engagement with key sector partners and experts who bring the latest industry and health consumer knowledge from a global, Australia‑wide and invaluable local hands on perspective. This has most recently been through our Clinical Governance Think Tank.



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A year of new insights & a new platform that will make your life easier

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Happy New Year! There’s so much good news already this year, and we reckon 2017 will be amazing for governance.

We’re particularly excited to kick‑off the year with a gift that will make your life easier: the new Governance Evaluator platform that will be launched in March.

We all recognise the benefit and importance of evaluation for effective governance. So, since the middle of last year we have worked assiduously to completely rebuild, expand and enhance the Governance Evaluator platform.

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Remuneration with Joel Rethore

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In late 2015 Governance Evaluator did its annual benchmark report for the Health and Community Sector. The report highlighted 7 key areas requiring capability building, which will form our series of discussions in 2016:

• Strategic Insight
• Risk Tolerance and Appetite
• Service Quality and Clinical Governance
• Key Stakeholder Engagement
• Ongoing Review and Development
• Remuneration
• Directors Roles and Responsibilities

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Risk management rocks – Part 2

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GOV0008-01In Part 1 of this article, we looked at changing our view on risk from one of compliance to one of opportunity. This part of the article provides practical steps to create a risk management plan that actually works.

The key steps in creating such a risk management plan is:

1.  Identify all potential risks
2.  Rank from the potential of occurring, including its possible impact
3.  Determine the quality of existing controls on the risks
4.  Develop new controls and strategies for the risks
5.  Monitor these new controls
6.  Extract strategic advantage

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Risk appetite and tolerance overview

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GOV-0001-HeroImage-01Governance Evaluator’s latest webinar on Risk Tolerance and Appetite by Aon Hewitt expert Jenny Dean presents an invigorating definition of risk appetite and tolerance today.

Our recent data revealed that our members marked the related question on this topic as either red or yellow in the evaluation questionnaire. With greater insights indicating that 90% of boards are progressively beginning to come to terms at understanding risk tolerance and appetite, let alone making a statement.

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With tensions growing, and strong discussions taking place in boardrooms, Governance Evaluators webinar with Jenny Dean sheds light on the topic at hand through a very real, down to earth presentation. Jenny helps understand definitions, and key areas to address when setting up an organisations risk appetite and tolerance. The webinar covers key elements of risk appetite and tolerance, risk culture, and lastly risk maturity


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Risk management rocks – Part 1

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When asked to define risk, most nonprofit senior leaders, including corporates, describe their view of risk as: something negative that happens to the organisation; the potential for loss; fraud; negative publicity; things that go bump in the night that we hope will never happen to us.

However when asked how their staff view risk, the descriptions get even more depressing: a pain in the neck; too complicated and difficult; something we have to do; a compliance issue; not much use in our day to day work; health and safety; nasty, yucky, icky things that go bump in the night.

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Why start with evaluation for building board capabilities?

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“I’ll start at the gym as soon as I lose 10kg…” How often have we thought or heard that?

It’s just the same with evaluating anything we do.  We feel we need to get it ship shape before we dare to look at it and then make a plan for action.

Evaluation is a great place to start – seriously it really is, as only then can we identify what we need to do and most importantly what we need to put our energy into first to make a sustainable change/improvement.

Similarly, boards of governance experience the same.  So what are our Governance Evaluator industry leader partners saying when asked the question, “Why start with evaluation for building board capabilities?” Read More