Governance Evaluator

An online platform with expert support services and resources, that empowers boards to
evaluate, set clear actions and develop their governance capability

Identify your governance capability gaps

Target expert support services & resources to address gaps

Ask the right questions to manage your governance risk

Do you know how effective you are as a council (individually & collectively)?

Do you know how to interrogate your sector specific risks?

Does your current approach to governance deliver the results you need in the time you have?

Do you know what it means to do ‘the right thing’ for good governance, and how to do it?

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Governance Evaluator has been specifically designed to support councillors & councils to build strong governance capability

Strong governance is essential for local government. It ensures consistent, quality service outcomes for communities and drives the most effective and efficient use of rate payers’ funds.

Governance Evaluator has been specifically designed to support councillors and councils to build strong governance capability. It provides an engaging online process that is easy to use and easy to manage, with dashboards that clearly show the status of activity across the 9 key areas of good governance. Each of these modules aligns with the new Local Government Act and has been credibly tested by mayors, councillors, CEOs and senior officers. Governance Evaluator is the best system I have seen in my extensive involvement with local government.”

Lisa Mahood, former Mayor & Councillor, City of Wodonga

The platform is built on a proven process of:

  • Orientation of new councillors
  • Evaluation of individual and collective governance capability
  • Identification of governance capability gaps
  • Development of individual and collective action plans to address those gaps
  • Resources and support to build capability.

Governance Evaluator provides an engaging development platform that takes governing bodies through their annual governance requirements. It is easy to use and easy to manage with dashboards that clearly show the status of activity across the 9 key areas of good governance:

  • Strategic Direction
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Finance
  • Service Quality
  • Council Relations
  • Council Composition
  • Council Processes
  • Key Stakeholder Engagement
  • Continuous Review & Development.

Each of these modules aligns with the Local Government Act and has been credibly tested by mayors, councillors, CEOs and senior officers. Each module and subsequent question commences with a brief easy to read introduction that notes recommended best practice and contextualises the question.

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Our value: the features you need for strong governance in your sector

Governance Evaluator enables strong governance through features that include:

  • Dashboards with engagement factors for both the Mayor and Councillors, more response options to questions, opportunity to supply personal comments to your answers, more user friendly resources, and opportunity to create a board and individual director development plans and our amazing live calendar.
  • Benchmarking and trending clearly shows where you stand in relation to your sector peers and the key governance issues faced by your sector as a whole
  • Price structure based on the size of your organisation ensures your investment delivers real value and measureable benefit
  • Expert independent conveners who can guide you through the evaluation process (read more >):
Lisa Mahood

Lisa Mahood

Expert independent convener

Former Mayor & Councillor, City of Wodonga

Our flexible platform configures to your council’s requirements

The new Governance Evaluator platform gives you complete control of the elements you need to build your capability. And we’ve made it easy to use.


Under the key modules for effective governance; sector specific content, quick & easy to do; and educational

Individual & group traffic light reports results

Instant results you can drilldown into for deeper analysis; link to education resources for more knowledge.  Enables annual trending and benchmarking

Optional: Confidential interviews

Develop a deeper understanding of the group & individual councillor answers

Optional: Recommendations report

Themes from the group results & confidential interviews

Board planning session

Gain a shared agreement for the actions for the way forward

Individual & group action plans

Create group & individual councillor action plans that link to capability building resources & services; send reminders to responsible councillors/executive re: action due dates.


Full governance and resources manuals, free governance webinars, governance TV with governance videos and live calendar

Customer carethroughout entire process – for Mayor, councillors and council support: education, governance advice, technical support

You get clear, realtime and actionable results

The traffic light report below is a sample of the initial results provided for both the individual councillor and aggregate council.

Build your board’s governance capability

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The Governance Evaluator content is based on good governance principles as outlined in the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (ASX 2007). The methodology is consistent with guidelines in the Australian Institute of Company Directors: Evaluating Board Performance: A guide for company directors (AICD 2006, 2011).

The content is compliant with the ASIC, Corporations Act (2001), and the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission (ACNC) and Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DWELP). The financial content has been informed by Davidsons Accountants (Melbourne, Geelong) and board composition content is informed by Harwood Andrews Lawyers (Melbourne, Geelong).

Governance Evaluator data is securely and confidentially stored by Amazon, Sydney.  As per our Terms of Conditions, Governance Evaluator will ensure that any personal information comprised in any Data is treated in accordance with the National Privacy Principles prescribed by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), including ensuring that such personal information is kept safe and secure.

Our company has significant partnerships for expert advice, content and sector relevant distribution.  Our goal is for eminent and contemporary content in the Governance Evaluator’s generic and sector specific questions, and governance and resource manuals through a continuous quality cycle for feedback with our valued partners and end users.